MLD with Ionic Foot Soak

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Full Body Vibration

10-12 minutes: $10

12 Sessions (Package) or one session for $10

Manual Massage Therapy

30 minutes: $40
60 minutes: $75

Each body and person are different. I employ different modalities throughout the massage to work on specific areas and improve circulation which improves muscle function, movement and repair.

Hot Stone Massage

60 minutes: $90

A specialty massage using smooth heated stones as an extension of Therapists hands, and by placing them on the body. The heat can be both deeply relaxing and help warm up tight muscles so I can work more deeply if needed.

Manual Lymph Drainage

60 minutes: $80

This is a specific specialty massage. Lymph drainage massages can help with healing after surgery. This type of massage regenerates tissues to reduce scarring at surgical incision sites. Lymph drainage massages also reduce swelling and detoxify the body. It can also help with pain management.

Ionic Foot Detox

45 minutes: $40

 Relax in a comfortable chair with feet emerged in warm to hot water using benefits of a grounding blend of essential oils. The benefits of this Foot Soak include;

* Purging of heavy metals

*A more balanced PH level

*Reducing inflammation

*Purging of yeast

*Detoxifying the liver

*Internal cleansing with full-body purge

*Liver, kidney and parasite cleansing

*Enhancing the immune system.


Add a 10 min foot massage with essential oil blends for $10 more!



Must be approved by physician. This is for Lymphedemia patients only. Please contact me personally by phone or email to inquire.